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Geoffrey's erotic services for men

From the moment you arrive at my private studio at the top of the Blue Mountains (in Mt Victoria, 90 minutes west of Sydney CBD) until the moment you leave you will be pampered in a relaxing, intimate and very friendly environment.

I'll welcome you in person and show you to a comfortable room with a chair for your clothes, water to drink, soft spotlights on hundreds of pictures of nude men with dozens of mirrors covering the walls in between.

Relax... you're in the hands of a talented erotic masseur. Surrender yourself to the softly contoured massage table.

How aroused you'll feel as you listen to the sensuous music, breathe in the delicious scents and let yourself drift away, anticipating my first touch of your bare skin.

My talented hands will soothe away stress and tensions, caressing your whole naked body from top to toe, sharing the intimacy and excitement of male erotic massage.

Explore your fantasies. Safely with an honest, friendly professional. Come once, come many times. Touch and be touched. Bring a friend or two to play.

Enjoy my enthusiastic massage of your penis, stroking and pulling, playing and sliding, pulsing and milking. My slow, long and soft touch along the shaft of your penis like a warm mouth but firmer... keeping you on the edge until you feel like you can't take any more...

Or savour the sensations of mutual bodily touch as I slide along your naked torso, butt, thighs and calves while you press back, our bodies slipping and sliding, slickly together.

Come for a body slide session and discover how intensely thrilling, full body, nude contact between two men can be. Join geoffrey for an hour or more of massage and masturbation. Unhurried, stimulating and intimate mind and body exploration...

Updated: Thursday, 13 March 2014

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geoffrey erotic massage Interested? Intrigued? You'll be glad you came!
Fully body, erotic, nude massage, masturbation, body slide and sex play for men of all ages, body types and sexual persuasions.

Private studio in Mt Victoria, upper Blue Mountains NSW with parking. From 10am, 7 days. Same day bookings. No outcalls. Cash only. Mutual touch. Male to male. Call Geoffrey on 02 4787 1383 or or click here to book online

Geoffrey  02 4787 1383 or or click here
From 10am to 10pm, 7 days
geoffrey erotic massage Bookings essential

Erotic male massage [more]
1 hour $180 erotic male massage1.5 hours $280
Nude body and penis massage

Massage & body slide [more]
naked body slide 2 hours $400
Full body and penis massage with nude body slide.

Play, slide & massage [more]
sex play and massage 3 hours $600
Full body and penis massage with naked body slide, and sex play

All day play [more]
erotic male play 6 hours  $1,000
Spend the day exploring mind and body, with massage, slide, play and more.


Nude male to male erotic massage, masturbation, body slide and sex play in the Blue Mountains, Australia

Site updated: April 2014

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  • When?

    Between 10am and 10pm every day of the week
    • Bookings are required.
    • No out calls.
    • Cash or prior direct deposit only.
    Speak to Geoffrey 02 4787 1383 or email
  • Where?

    Mount Victoria, at the top of the Blue Mountains (above Katoomba)
    • Comfortable, private studio with off-street parking
    • Only 90 minutes' drive from Sydney centre
    • Regular train services to local station
  • What's included

    Every session includes massage and ejaculation
    • All sessions are performed in the nude, unless requested.
    • You are welcome to touch me however you like, including safe penetration.
    • I will not agree to perform anal or oral sex nor prostate massage on you before we have met.
  • Male to male

    All men, whatever age, shape, sizes or desires.
  • About geoffrey

    • 50 year old gay masseur with over 15 years' professional massage experience.
    • Friendly, intelligent and relaxed and open minded approach. ( more...)
    • Clean. Safe. Disease and drug free. Reliable. Discreet.
    • I don't send photos of myself to men I haven't met.
    Speak to Geoffrey 02 4787 1383 or email

Book a session up to 6 months in advance

Session duration

Mt Victoria, upper Blue Mountains, Australia.

Everything that happens when we are together is legal and remains confidential.


What is a body slide?

Body slide starts with an erotic massage of your naked body. Once you are well-oiled, I will slide my naked body over yours. The slide can be face to face, face to back, back to back, head to toe, you on top or me on top or any other variation that comes to mind.

If you ejaculate during the slide, that's great. If not, I will slowly massage your penis and testicles until you do ejaculate. Naturally, you are welcome to touch me however you choose.

Email geoffrey to book a session.


What is sex play?

Let your sexual imagination run wild!

Sensual, nude, slippery, man to man foreplay and erotic exploration in all sorts of positions and including mutual massage, masturbation, body to body slide, underwear, lap-dancing, sharing a hot shower, kissing, touching, sex talk, nipple play, dildos, mock wrestling, role play, exhibitionism, nudity, cuddling, sexual fantasies, laughter, fingering, blindfolds, licking, light bondage, tickling, chat, voyeurism, groping, watching, ejaculation, stroking, toys, dressing or undressing and more.

Sex play sessions last 3 or more hours. Stay all day for maximum stimulation.

Come alone or bring a male partner to add to the excitement.

Email geoffrey to book a session.

I will not agree to perform anal or oral sex nor prostate massage on you before we have met.