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Playing ball games

I loved the fact that Geoffrey kept returning to play with my balls where other guys would have fondled them once or twice maybe and given up.

I can't recall details of the massage as I kept wishing he would touch my balls some more. But then he started working on my butt and reached between my legs to stroke my balls and grab them in his palm, feeling how hot and sweaty they were.

I spread my legs further apart to give him better access and he responded beautifully using two hands to fondle my balls and feel my cock. I humped the table, pushing my pelvis down and crushing my balls against his hands.

My cock had already left a trail of precum on the sheet and the oil on his hands made everything a slippery slide. I couldn't keep that up for very long without coming so I stopped and let Geoffrey get on with his massage.

When I turned over, my rigid cock said more than words but I managed to mumble "Great massage!" before I felt his hands on my balls again, rolling them gently between his fingers.

He seemed to be pulling and stretching my sac so that my balls started to feel separated from my body. Each downward stroke pulled a little harder and I could feel the friction of his hands generating heat.

Soon the skin of my scrotum was warmed up and stretched so that he was able to wrap the fingers and thumb of his hand around the whole of my cock and balls.

It's an incredible feeling of tightness and it made my cock throb and my balls hum with excitement. He released my balls and changed focus again, stroking up the shaft of my cock and then down to tickle under my balls.

I asked for a ball ring and Geoffrey tied my balls and cock up. I loved the feeling of that too.

The stretched feeling was already beginning to wear off and I could feel that delicious sensation of an approaching orgasm. I was about to tell him to stop or I'd blow when he changed tack again and returned to stretching my balls again.

He moved his hands to my inner thighs and gently "forced" my legs further apart. Gently he used a finger to gently lift my furry sac, so my balls slipped, one either side. With a sudden swift gesture he gripped the skin of my scrotum and pulled downwards. Then he started switching between stroking my cock and stretching my balls.

I felt a twinge at the tip of my throbbing dick and knew I was about to reach the point of no return. Then, as he continued pulling on and massaging my balls, I shot a wad of hot cum and then another.

Updated: Monday, 19 May 2014

Erotic male to male massage, play and masturbation in a softly lit room filled with mirrors and pictures with carefully selected music, oils and scents. In the upper Blue Mountains, Australia.

Interested? Intrigued? boom You'll enjoy coming!
And you'll want to come again and again.

Private studio in Mt Victoria, upper Blue Mountains NSW with parking. From 10am, 7 days. Same day bookings. No outcalls. Cash only. Discreet. Mutual touch. Male to male. Call Geoffrey on 02 4787 1383 or

geoffrey erotic massage PRICES

Erotic male massage

Hands-on massage
erotic male massage $180 (1 hour)
erotic male massage $280 (1.5 hours)
Body and penis massage [read more]

Body slide massage
naked body slide $400 (2 hours)
Erotic massage plus naked body slide [read more]

Geoffrey 02 4787 1383

Sex play and slide

Sex play and massage
erotic male massage $600 (3 hours)
erotic male massage $800 (4 hours)
Erotic massage, naked body slide plus sex play [read more]

Geoffrey 02 4787 1383

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  • Every day from 10am

    • Bookings are required. Same day or up to 6 months in advance.
    • No out calls.
    • Cash or prior direct deposit only.
    Speak to Geoffrey 02 4787 1383 or email
  • Mt Victoria [near Katoomba]

    Top of the Blue Mountains, Australia
    • Comfortable, private studio with off-street parking
    • Only 90 minutes' drive from Sydney centre
    • Regular train services to local station, 10 minutes walk away
  • Male to male

    All men, whatever age, shape or sizes. Straight, bisexual, curious or gay. (more...)
    • No upper age limits.
    • We're both naked. You can touch me too.
    • Prostate massage is not part of my services.
    • Everything that happens when we are together is legal and remains confidential.
  • About geoffrey

    • 50 year old gay masseur with over 15 years' professional experience.
    • Friendly, intelligent, relaxed and open-minded approach.
    • Clean. Safe. Disease and drug free. Reliable. Discreet.
    • I don't send photos of myself to men I haven't met.
    Speak to Geoffrey 02 4787 1383 or email

What is a body slide?

I use my entire naked body to massage you in ways I can't manage with just my hands. It's like a very long, sensuous hug.

With as much of my body in contact with yours. Face to face. Face to feet. I might press your arms between my thighs. Or run my chin up from groin to chest.

Press my hips forward against yours and slide. Erections bumping. Standing up or lying down. Spooning. Me on top, you on top. Slipping and sliding together.

If you ejaculate during the slide, that's great. If not, I will slowly massage your penis and testicles until you do.

Email geoffrey to book a session or call 02 4787 1383 from 10am, 7 days.


What is sex play?

Sensual, intimate, affectionate, masculine full body contact, with lots of time to savour every pleasurable sensation. Erotic, full body massage. Deeply relaxing.

It's body to body slide and then some. Stretched out together on a double bed. Legs entwined, sharing a story. Mutual discovery.

Full body touch and exploration. Orgasm. Sharing a hot shower. Kissing and sex talk. Role play and sexual fantasies. Masturbation.

Email geoffrey to book a session or call 02 4787 1383 from 10am, 7 days.

Penetration may happen if there is mutual attraction but it is not a usual part of this service.


Booking by email

Please specify a date, session duration, starting time and contact phone number in your email.

Ensure that my email address in your contacts list or check your spam folder to find my reply.

  1. My email to you contains my address, phone number and directions for driving or arriving by train.
  2. I also include GPS co-ordinates and a link to a train timetable.
  3. Please reply to my email to confirm the booking.

I treat your privacy with greatest respect. Your phone number and other contact details are never given nor shown to anyone else.

Email geoffrey to book a session or call 02 4787 1383 from 10am, 7 days.


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